RF Chaotic PVP Information:

RF Chaotic Rates PVP Server Easy and has GameCp (having Maximus relic) and other itens!!! 200+Players Onlines!!! We have itens donation but is good and you can get it in game too!! Patchs In forum http://chaoticrf.maisforum.com/ We client is 2.1.6 Final Update Customed!! We linguage is Brazilian!!! We server stay online 24hours/Day We Server Has 55 Weapons and 60 armors in NPC Upgrader 5-7 6-7 4-7 in NPC Flem Jade droping in Pit Boss(PB) Talic Drop in Out Cast Set Ancient Level 60 Droping in Out Cast Set Ancient Level 55 Droping in Cartella Elemental Droping in DH Maximus Relic Droping in Portal Sangrento and Selling in Gamecp Cash itens in NPC Teleports Cash in GameCp And Much More come and play with our Team!!


4 Komentar (+add yours?)

  1. iqbal nuralam
    Okt 06, 2009 @ 04:55:27

    mas minta alamat web nya dong


  2. Reka
    Des 26, 2009 @ 08:30:16

    kk cara dpt Relic lvl55 gma ya???


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